Newborn Gift Set Ideas

Having a baby is difficult but finding inspiration for Newborn Gift Set ideas does not have to be.

Between aesthetically attractive alternatives (such as lovely outfits and blankets) and practical ones (such as nappies and wipes), the impulse to register for everything a mum needs may be overwhelming. But there is a way to ensure the parents-to-be have all the newborn necessities - New Baby Gift Sets!

You can never go wrong with newborn gift sets; they always make a terrific baby shower gift since they are beautiful and look creative! Also, they are simple to customise, which gives them "that unique touch."

Should You Buy A Ready Newborn Gift Set Or Make One Yourself?

  • Ready Made: Purchasing a newborn gift set is simple and your local baby shop and lots of online stores will have many Newborn Gifts Sets in stock. Newborn Gift Sets are available across a wide range of categories and come in a variety of materials, colours and sizes, as well as various price points based. 
  • Do It Yourself: On the other hand, a Newborn Gift Set set is one of the simplest DIY crafts anybody can do. You can carefully select the products to include in the set so they are perfect for the mum and family they are intended for. You can also personalise some of the gifts with the baby's name to make the gift even more memorable.

Some Newborn Gift Set Ideas

There are a lot of new baby gift sets available in the market, but a good place to start is to look at practical feeding essentials. Feeding is a huge part of a Newborns journey into the big wide world and gift sets focused on feeding & weaning can make a thoughtful gift for a new mum. 

Must-Have Weaning Essentials

Weaning-off breast or formular milk is already difficult, and new mums don’t have the time or energy to cope with the environmental guilt of having plastic weaning gear littering their home. 

Newborn Tableware

As newborn babies make their way towards six-months of age tableware becomes key to a mum and baby's weaning journey but plastics still dominate because they are often cheap.

Sustainable Tableware

Sustainable weaning tableware is biodegradable and compostable, making it ideal for any parent searching for practical and high-performing weaning tableware.

Mums love sustainable products because they are developed to make it as easy as possible for parents to pick a greener weaning tableware alternative that is economical and BPA free. For example, this beautiful bamboo Plastic-Free Tableware Gift Set By Eco Rascals is made from bamboo and is a fantastic starter set for encouraging kids to eat independently.


The Elephant-Shaped Bamboo Weaning Set is a fantastic starter set for encouraging kids to eat independently. and comes with a spoon, cup, bowl, and a very cool elephant-shaped plate. The cup has a silicone straw feeder and arrives with two straws.

Avoiding Plastics

Plastic baby products and toys can contain harmful chemicals and are not biodegradable. This implies that contaminants might leak into a baby’s food and that the plate will still exist after 100 years. Every single piece of plastic ever created is still in use today.

Plastics can never be completely broken down; they can only be split down into smaller and smaller parts.Tons of these 'micro plastics' are consumed by plankton, the tiniest animals in the water. The plankton is then consumed by bigger creatures, causing dangerous poisons from plastics to make their way up the food chain slowly.

What's more? Unless the plastic tableware is designated dishwasher safe (which very few are), you must hand wash it. Who has that kind of time? Plastic is the cheapest alternative, but it certainly has a cost.

Why Is Bamboo a Green Choice?

Bamboo is not only a long-lasting and appealing material, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly.

Of course, the fact that it is a natural material gives it an apparent advantage over synthetic materials such as plastic. It is biodegradable and sustainable, as is everything created from plant material. It is precisely what any parent should want for their child as the world confronts the problems of combating climate change.

We are proud to stock some adorable designs from Eco Rascals and there are many other sustainable feeding options out there if you search online.


Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than most people realise. It is technically a kind of grass, yet it is antifungal, antibacterial, and pest-resistant, all of which wood lacks.

This implies that when you buy a bamboo product, you are getting something built to endure and will not rot or deteriorate under the attack of any bacteria or creepy-crawlies. It's also great as a substance that a newborn may put in its mouth.

That is why bamboo plates are ideal for children.

Bamboo is also built to endure since it is a durable material, but its most notable feature is the rate at which it grows, making it an incredibly sustainable alternative.

Simply said, if you could imagine a magical material that was natural, durable, sustainable, and healthy all at the same time, you would think of bamboo. That's a fantastic motivation to take advantage of what it has to offer. 

Bambo Suction Bowls

While it is beneficial for the child to discover foods they can eat with their hands, getting them acclimated to using a spoon or a fork is beneficial to their development. Accidents will happen!


Your baby will be able to feed itself once he or she can hold and move the spoon towards their lips.

That's what makes the Bamboo Gift Sets from Eco Rascals so ideal for teaching babies how to use tableware to scoop food off a plate.

The silicone spoon is gentle on the baby's gums, and the suction bowls stick to the surface to keep food in the bowl and not on the floor!

Bibs and More

Obviously, one of the significant challenges with weaning is the mess!

There will be occasions when more food ends up in baby's clothes than in their mouth. You can checkout our Range of Bibs from Done by Deer, which will save the day by keeping their clothing and faces clean.

If your baby is exceptionally messy, wipeable bibs with sleeves are ideal for keeping yogurt out of their favorite sweater.

Considerations When Choosing a Newborn Gift Set

With so many alternatives available, keeping certain aspects in mind while selecting a gift for babies is essential. Here are some qualities your giftset should contain.

Practical Usage

There are several types of items that a baby commonly needs, and parents will be appreciative of anybody who gives them something that they can genuinely use. These types of utility items will save them money and eliminate the need for several trips to the supermarket. Parents can never have too many nappies, Feeding Bottles, Bibs, Tableware, or Toys, so these may be also be excellent choices.

Sentimental Worth

Another way you might go when selecting a present is the emotional approach. Consider a scrapbook or personalized apparel, for example. Something that aids in memory storage or is personalized for the baby may be retained in the future to remind them of these months of worry, excitement, and pleasure.


Because most newborns only need one of each item, parents would have previously purchased larger essentials like a buggy, car seat and cot. However, anything that enhances these essential goods, such as Baby Toys that attached to buggies and car seats, might also be a great option.

Remember, choosing a Newborn Baby Gift set might be difficult but remember that no matter what present you choose, the intention and gesture matter in the end!

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