Wooden Safari Train Set

As parents, we strive to find toys that captivate our children's minds and encourage their cognitive development. The Wooden Safari Train Set from Jabadabdo is one of our most popular products because it effortlessly combines the timeless charm of wooden trains with the thrill of a safari expedition.


For those of you that haven’t come across Jabadabado before, they are a much-loved Swedish kids designer established three decades ago in the Swedish coastal town of Landskrona. The company was started by Eva Eliasson, a product designer who began creating wooden toys in her basement as a hobby.

Today, together with her husband, Eva now runs an international toy and baby brand distributor of self-designed toys specialising in high-quality Nordic inspired baby items, children's furniture, wooden toys, and interior accents. With a playful and trendy design, Jabadabado has evolved into a timeless Swedish brand synonymous with wooden toys and delightful children's room decorations.

Since 2021, Jabadabado has been part of the Bare Collective, which is a group of businesses committed to promoting sustainable consumption which means their products are environmentally friendly. This means a lot to us as an independent UK kids and baby retailer and is one of the reason why we are proud to sell Jabadabado under the Tiny Steps Kids Brand.

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Let's dive into the reasons why the Jabadabado Wooden Safari Train Set stands out as an exceptional choice for your young adventurer.

Educational Exploration

The Wooden Safari Train Set not only offers endless hours of playtime joy but also provides valuable educational opportunities. As children embark on imaginative safari escapades, they can discover different animal species, their habitats, and learn about locomotion. This toy serves as a catalyst for storytelling and role-playing, nurturing their creativity while developing essential language and communication skills.

As children begin on their exciting safari journeys they can create fascinating stories, encounter exotic animals, and immerse themselves in a world of exploration. The vibrant colours and beautifully designed animal figures help bring their imaginative tales to life, providing endless entertainment and stimulating their creative thinking.

Craftsmanship and Durability

Nordic craftmanship is beautiful. The Wooden Safari Train Set boasts superior craftsmanship and exceptional durability than you find in train sets mass produced in places like China. We all know how rough play can get at times, which is why its sturdy construction guarantees both reliability and safety for your little one during play sessions. Made from high-quality wood, the Safari Train Set can withstand the rigors of playtime, ensuring it remains a cherished toy for years to come and can be passed down through the generations.

The use of high-quality wood ensures that the set endures the test of time and maintains its charm even after hours of play. This longevity allows siblings and friends to enjoy the toy together, promoting social interaction, cooperation, and sharing among children.

Limitless Adventure Possibilities

One of the standout features of the Wooden Safari Train Set is its versatility. The set includes a train engine, multiple carriages, and a delightful assortment of safari animal figures. These interchangeable components allow children to customise their train, creating unique configurations that inspire their imagination. Moreover, the compatibility of this set with other wooden train tracks opens up a world of expansion possibilities, providing endless avenues for adventure.

Fine Motor Skill Development

The Wooden Safari Train Set serves as an excellent tool for honing fine motor skills. As children assemble and connect the train carriages and manipulate the animal figures, they engage in precise hand-eye coordination, enhancing their dexterity. The perfectly sized pieces are designed to fit comfortably in little hands, allowing children to refine their motor skills while enjoying the excitement of play.

A lot of thought has been put into the design of the train set. Its features encourage little people to connect the carriages and manoeuvre the animal figures to refine their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The process of assembling and manipulating the wooden pieces encourages precise movements, fostering the growth of crucial motor skills in a fun and engaging manner.

As children explore the different parts of the train set, they learn about cause and effect relationships, spatial awareness, and problem-solving. They can experiment with various configurations, understand how the tracks fit together, and create their safari adventures. This cognitive engagement enhances their critical thinking abilities and lays the foundation for future learning.

Social Interaction and Cooperative Play

Toys that promote social interaction are invaluable in a child's development, and the Wooden Safari Train Set excels in this regard. Whether your child plays independently or with siblings and friends, this toy fosters cooperation, sharing, and turn-taking. It creates an environment for collaborative play, helping children develop crucial social skills, such as teamwork and empathy.

With its tactile wooden pieces and vibrant designs, the Wooden Safari Train Set offers a multi-sensory experience for children. The smooth texture of the wood, the visually appealing colours, and the animal figures' varied shapes provide a feast for their senses. Through touch and visual stimulation, children can engage their sensory systems, promoting processing and fostering their overall sensory development.


Handy Carry Case

The handy carry case that accompanies the Wooden Safari Train Set  offers lots of benefits for both children and parents. Its compact design allows for easy handling and effortless transportation, making it an ideal companion for travel, playdates, or visits to grandparents' houses. Parents can simply pack up the train set in the carry case, ensuring that it stays organized and protected while on the move.

Keeping toys organised can be a challenge and all parents know how annoying it is to realise a perfectly good toy is no longer suitable because of a lost piece. The carry case helps address this issue effectively. With designated compartments and sections, the case provides a neat storage solution for all the train set components, including the train engine, carriages, and animal figures. This ensures that pieces are less likely to get misplaced or lost, making cleanup and storage a breeze.

The sturdy construction also offers an additional layer of protection. The case is designed to safeguard the contents from potential damage during transportation or when not in use. It minimises the risk of scratches, dents, or breakage, helping to extend the longevity of the toy set and ensuring that it remains in excellent condition over time.

The carry case also helps facilitate quick and hassle-free access to the Wooden Safari Train Set. With its user-friendly Nordic design, parents and children can easily open the case and retrieve the desired pieces for playtime. This convenience allows for swift set-up, encouraging children to engage in imaginative play promptly without any unnecessary delays.

By providing a dedicated space for storage, the carry case teaches children the importance of responsibility and organisation. They learn to take care of their toys by returning them to their designated compartments after playtime, fostering a sense of ownership and pride. The carry case also encourages independence as children use the convenient handle of the case to move the train set around, empowering them and installing a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Other parents also adore the Wooden Safari Train Set.

Lesley from London became a Tiny Steps Kids Real Parent Reviewer and stress tested the Jabadabado Safari Train Set with her three-year-old.


“We reviewed the Jabadabado Safari Train set as part of the Tiny Steps Parent Review Programme.
This Scandi style Wooden Toy Safari Train Set is very aesthetically pleasing and would look fabulous in any baby or toddler nursery. The train set comes in a handy carry case that doubles up as part of the set, the tracks went together really easily, and it feels like a high-quality product.
The animals are beautifully designed and so cute! There is lots of scope with this toy to be creative and make up stories about safari adventures and give all the little animals names and personalities.
This set is compatible with other wooden train sets which is handy. The pastel shades are lovely but our toddler who is almost 3 kept referring to it as a toy for his baby sister. I think therefore it may be suited to younger toddlers from 18 months plus.
All in all, a beautiful product and would be a lovely gift!”

Final Thoughts

The Wooden Safari Train Set by Jabadabado is a very popular toy because it combines education, durability, and limitless adventure possibilities with Nordic inspiration and style.

It manages to captivate young minds, stimulating their imagination and providing hours of entertainment. With its engaging safari theme, sturdy wooden construction, and compatibility with other train tracks, this set ticks a lot of boxes for parents looking to ignite their child's imagination, creativity, and encourage social interactions.

So, let your little explorer embark on countless safari adventures and watch as they thrive in a world of imagination and learning and pass on the fun down through the generations!

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