Newborn Baby Toys

It is never too early to introduce newborn baby toys.

Newborn baby toys are assets for play, and play is childhood work. And when it comes to the best newborn baby toys, your child may not be ready to kick a football or put together a jigsaw. Still, there are lots of entertaining ways to play with them that will have long-term advantages for their physical and intellectual development.

"It's a myth that babies can't play, even if they don't seem to be 'doing much' yet—they're still taking everything in," says Amanda Gummer, a research psychologist specializing in child growth and spokesperson for the Genius of Play. "Playing is a great way for parents and caregivers to build that vital bond with their baby, while sensory stimulations help baby's brain grow."

What Are the Best Newborn Baby Toys?

Toys are classified into "one and done toys" and "open-ended toys." The latter is what we want to use to line our walls.

"One and Done Toys" are typically battery-powered and can light up or make noise. These toys entertain newborns by talking to them, singing to them, and asking them questions. They usually serve only one purpose (which means you can't use the toy for anything else).

Open-ended toys, on the other hand... they urge the baby to be the entertainer and to direct the play in whatever way they see fit.

What Kinds Of Newborn Baby Toys Should You Buy?

Open-ended toys are ideal for a creatively inclined baby and encourage newborn play.

Open-ended toys allow newborns to play, imagine, invent, and grow. These toys help babies develop essential social and life skills that will serve them well in adulthood, such as listening, problem-solving, and appreciation.


Our Top Choices for Newborn Development Toys

It can be challenging to select the ideal newborn development toy for a baby when the best toy is one that is both educational and entertaining. Parents will appreciate a high-quality product promoting movement and numeral skills, while young children will enjoy the simplicity of the toys.

Here are our top picks for newborn development toys:

Tummy Time Toys for Newborns

Your baby is never too young for tummy time. The Baby Centre UK recommends that babies begin tummy time as soon as they are born. The earlier you start, the sooner your newborn will become accustomed to being in that position.

Giving your infant a toy during tummy time will encourage her to stay there for a more extended period. For example, the Elphee Activity Floor Mirror has many different baby sensory features to keep your newborn safely stimulated at tummy time. Elphee is full of magical sounds, different textures and colours, meaning there are lots to look at and explore.


Toys That Encourage Stimulation 

Babies must be stimulated in order to develop. Baby toys that excite their senses of smell, sight, touch, and taste are the finest. Toys should allow kids to exercise fine and gross motor abilities with their hands. Building Blocks designed in bright, stimulating colours will help your child develop coordination & encourage picture recognition through visual stimulation.

Soft Books for Newborns

Babies will like the visuals and textures during their first few months. However, there comes a period when they master the wrist action of opening a page and become attracted by it. As a result, babies enjoy all of the 'here it is, now it's gone' peekaboo games they may play with the flaps.

Sustainable Toys 

Every year, millions of toys are manufactured throughout the world. Furthermore, the majority are comprised of plastics. These toys will eventually find up in landfills or our seas, where they will never biodegrade. As parents, we must decide to support a grassroots toy movement. Wood is commonly used in eco-friendly, sustainable toys. However, search for wood that has been acquired sustainably.

The best wooden toys are those constructed from trees that grow quickly, such as birch or maple. Look for toys that aren't built of cheap wood or trees that might be difficult to replace, such as oak.

Keep an eye out for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified toys as well. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization. The FSC logo indicates that a company's supply chain includes ethically managed forests.

Here are a few brands to consider:

Developmental Toys

Toys for your new baby should be basic things that stimulate discovery and open-ended play. Rattles and other gripping toys, balls, exercise gyms, and board books are excellent for boosting developmental milestones in your baby throughout the first six months. The best developmental toys for newborn babies are Play Gyms & Activity Mats.

  • Activity Gyms: An Activity/Gym is one of the best toys for infants just beginning to experiment with tummy time and floor play. It usually has a charming plush surface, as well as satin loops for tactile exploration, crinkle noises, a mirror, rattle, teether, and a cute prop cushion for added support.

  • Overhead Play Gym: An Overhead Play Gym will delight the baby's senses. The soft colours are appealing, and the adorable soft baby gym toys swing. This modern, sustainable wooden design from Jabadabado will make a peaceful & stylish addition to your home and unassumingly encourage your baby to play and develop. You can also pair the gym with soft hanging toys, like these Unicorn and Swan Baby Gym Toys to match and suspend these from the frame of ther gym.


Rattles Are Great for Jingly Fun

Simple but exciting - Rattles and shakers are traditional baby toys because newborns like grabbing items with their newly functional hands and are pleased with the sounds they can generate on their own.

A multi-textured, multi-coloured soft rattle made for newborn fingers is excellent to hold. It's pleasant to grasp and creates a beautiful tiny jingle sound when jiggled about, just like this super cute Elephant Pram Rattle Toy from Jabadabado.

Portable Toys

Toys that are easy to carry or portable for parents are a great addition to the newborn baby toy box.

Babies can't see very far; therefore, a mobile suspended from the above ceiling may not catch their interest. These adorable soft Baby Gym Toys, which easily attach to almost any stroller, play yard, or bassinet, may be placed where your baby can see them but not reach them. The inviting shapes and colours will keep your baby entertained and help stimulate their visual and motor skills.

Each toy has long loops so they can be easily attached to a baby gym and most cots and carriers for on-the-go fun.

Pick Toys That Look Beautiful in A Nursery

Regarding newborn nurseries, the rich effortlessness of Scandinavian Design is difficult to surpass. The Nordic style values structure and capacity, resulting in baby environments that are as practical as they are appealing!

One excellent method to incorporate Scandinavian flair into your nursery is decorating it with fun and functional products, stylish wooden toys, and children's furniture that develop and encourage a child's imagination and desire to play. Adding these toys to the space will be nothing short of incredible.

You may bring your children closer to nature if you stick to the Nordic theme.

Nordic artists strive to employ natural objects and consciously obtain resources whenever feasible in their eco-friendly design.

Organic textiles and rustic woods dominate their living spaces, and children's rooms usually include natural motifs such as trees, blooms, and a plethora of cuddly forest animals.

Toys Safety in EU: Stricter standards for chemical substances

The latest Toy Safety Directive is more stringent than the previous Directive.

  • Chemicals that have the potential to cause cancer, change genetic information, harm fertility, or harm an unborn child (so-called CMR substances) are no longer permitted in the accessible parts of toys in concentrations more than those specified.
  • Beyond the limitations set by the Toy Safety Directive, 19 so-called "heavy elements" such as mercury and cadmium are not permitted in toy parts accessible to children.
  • A total of 55 allergenic fragrances have been banned.

Simple Is Better

    Toys that are prevalent or seem visually stimulating to children and adults are not always an excellent addition to the toy chest. Despite the company's claims, these vibrant, plastic toys with an embedded system provide little in the way of creative play and may even interfere with growth. In the end, basic is best.

    A toy does not require any bells and whistles. Overstimulating the brain may have a detrimental impact on the brain, making it difficult for the newborn to think critically.

    Toxic Material-Free

    Experienced artisans create traditional wooden toys from natural materials rather than mass-produced in harmful plastic factories. Because wooden toys are more expensive to manufacture, their retail costs appear to be higher.

    Plastic toys are rife with toxins and chemicals. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are a much better alternative because they do not include them. This is especially true for babies, who tend to put everything in their mouths.

    Lastly, When Should You Start Giving Your Baby Toys?

    Playing involves learning, which is why it is an essential component of development for infants.

    The ideal type of play is consistent engagement with caring, involved caregivers, and it can begin simply, with no toys at all. Singing, chatting face to face, identifying objects in the room, or giving the safe baby items to feel or touch all help connect and grow.

    Toys may improve a newborn's surroundings, inspire curiosity, and encourage exploration as they absorb the world around them. However, in the early stages, little is more. Look for toys that meet a specific developmental requirement or are adaptable enough to keep the infant entertained throughout the developmental phases.

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