Best Gifts for New Mums

Finding the Best Gifts For New Mums can feel like a coin toss between buying something for mum or something for the baby. 

When thinking about the types of best gifts for new mums’ in our opinion thoughtfulness and practicality always win. You may not be able to give them a good night's sleep, but you can gift them something that will help them cope with their new world.

Gifts for new mums should make them feel unique, listened to, and supported, as well as provide practical utility during those hectic first few months with a newborn baby.

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite gift ideas for new mothers to help show them how much you care. Let's go.

Baby Nursery Essentials

Every new mum prepares a nest for their newborn baby. Creating a beautiful environment for a new baby is an instinct that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. It can be overwhelming when thinking about the many types of best gifts for new mums so keep it simple and try to think about the utility for the baby.

Let's start by thinking about a few essential baby items that do well in a nursery:


A humidifier helps to keep the air wet. If the air in the nursery is arid, a midwife may advise the new mum to get one. Avoiding dry air may assist in keeping newborns comfortable, particularly if they have a cough or cold.

Clothing Storage

New mums need a place to store their newborn's clothes. To arrange baby things, mums may use baskets or tubs, chests of drawers, or cupboards. Purchasing large nursery furniture for a new mum is always a risk so we suggest going for more portable storage items, like cute basket sets.    

Rocking Chair

A comfortable rocking chair in the nursery is ideal for nursing, a bedtime story or song, and the last snuggle before bed. It may also make midnight feedings less bothersome for the mum and baby, and the rocking action may help them fall asleep quicker.

Toy Chest

Although a toy basket is not a must, a baby may get some toy gifts, and it's helpful to have somewhere to store them. Small chests with storage are great gifts but always do your homework first to find out what colour fits best with the nursery or bedroom. 

Nappy Essentials

Changing a nappy is daunting for new mums, but these baby essentials will help them get the hand of it in no time. Check out this list of changing necessities for a perfect newborn mum gift:

Changing Mat

New parents will be changing a lot of nappies. Make the task easier and stylish with a Baby Changing Mat. A changing mat keeps a baby comfortable and mum's changing table clean. Some baby mats can be wiped clean, while others have machine washable coverings.


New mums will undoubtedly need nappies and many of them! A newborn baby may go through up to 70 nappies every week. It's hard to predict what size nappy an infant will need ahead of time, so gift small packs with a couple of different sizes. 

Hand Towels

A new mum will use a wet washcloth to wipe her baby's nappy area and will also need a washcloth to clean the infant after a bath. 

Nappy Rash Lotion

It’s usual for newborn babies to get nappy rash from time to time so mum will need lots of lotion. Try to find out from friends and family what lotion mum is stocking up on and gift more of the same brand.

Newborn Feeding Essentials 

When it comes to feeding a baby, there are many things on our newborn mum gifts checklist that might make the task easier. Consider the following:

Gift Sets

Many wonderful gift boxes are available for new mums, but these lovely Bamboo Feeding Gift Sets stand out for us due to their thoughtful blend of baby feeding items and valuable presents for new mothers. A silicone straw feeder, for example, is entirely free from plastic, BPA, PVC, lead, or phthalates, while Bamboo is easy to keep clean for new mums. Those first six months fly buy and Weaning creeps up on new mums super quickly.


Burp Cloths

These are intended to protect mum's clothes when burping her child in case they spit up a little (or a lot!). These Baby Muslins from Jabadabado are both gorgeous and practical.

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover protects both mum and the baby when breastfeeding. It usually comes with a strap that the mum may wrap around her neck to keep it secure. 

Baby Muslins & Blankets

A Baby Muslin is a lightweight blanket that is usually offered in pairs or more. Because they are so adaptable, we've included them in our newborn gifts checklist. These blankets may be used as nursing covers, burping cloths, and swaddling the baby.

Nursing Pillow

Consider gifting a U-shaped soft pillow for added comfort for both mum and child. These firm cushions provide a place for an baby to lay other than mum's arms, taking some of the weight off the mum's body.

Bottle Warmer

It might be challenging to safely heat a baby's stored breast milk or formula. A bottle warmer may be a real time saving, hence a perfect baby's gift, since it ensures that the milk is uniformly warmed.

Drying Rack for Bottles

This is not a necessity but it’s a nice-to-have gift. A drying rack may be helpful as a specific place to dry baby's bottles, particularly if someone doesn't have much space left on their dish-drying rack.

Sleeping Essentials

New mums will often struggle to get thier baby to sleep through the night. Check out these helpful and soothing sleep time gift ideas:


You'll be grateful to us for including this newborn baby necessity on our list!

A night light is a definite newborn essential while a new mum is making her way to the nursery in the middle of the night for feedings. It allows the mum to see where she's going and what she's doing without the need for bright lighting.

As the baby grows older, a night light may bring comfort when they wake up in the middle of the night.

White-Noise Generator

Playing white noise, or soothing music, may help infants relax or fall asleep. Most new mums will download a free app for white noise but a stand alone player can make a beautifully thoughtful and stylish gift for a nursery.


These are a great gift for new mums, although we recommend you check-in with the family first as some mums don’t want their child to use them.

Dummies are available in various sizes so double-check the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure you buy one suitable for the newborn period.

Baby Gear Essentials

Try to choose something with real utility for those essential products.



Bibs are an absolute necessary since they protect baby's clothing from milk, formula, and saliva.These are sweet and affordable gifts.

There are lots of different types of bibs, from Velcro Bibs to Sleeved Bibs. Both types of bib styles offer different features and utility.

Baby Carrier or Wrap

The baby carrier is like a second baby bubble for those priceless early months of bonding. The buckles, snaps, and complicated wraps that get in the way of lovely bubba hugs are history when the mum wears it like a t-shirt.

Nappy Bag

As one of the most crucial baby needs, the new mum will be pleased she will have a nappy bag gift that accommodates all the stuff she needs while out from home with the little one.

Fashionable and practical designs are available for nappy bags and they can be expensive so check-in first with the family to see if mum already has one.

Baby Health & Safety Essentials

Providing a safe atmosphere is crucial to caring for a new baby. Babies must be secure at home and while away from home. Here are basic things you can gift new mums to assist keep infants safe and secure:

First-Aid Gift Box

Stock it with essentials like a baby thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, and petroleum jelly. 

Baby Nail Clippers or Soft Emery Board

A newborn baby's nails need to be trimmed from time to time so having these valuable tools will assist avoid inadvertent scratching.

Soft Hairbrush

Even if the baby doesn't have much hair, a brush might assist release scales if they develop a little bit of cradle cap.

Babyproofing Materials

Although an infant will not be able to move about freely for some time, babyproofing equipment and supplies are an eventual must-have on a new mum's checklist.

Baby Play Essentials

We can't miss out Toys and Baby Gear from our list of best gifts for new mums. Here are some plaything gifts you might purchase for a newborn:

Baby Swing

Swings vibrate to help calm the child. A swing, unlike a bouncer, swings without infants needing to move their legs; instead, you utilize the sway or vibration setting. 

Baby Bouncer

Bouncers are like baby swings; except they bounce according to the baby's leg motions. A bouncer may be a vital tool for a new mum since it'll allow her to get things done around the house while knowing her baby is secure and occupied. 

My two little ones loved their baby bouncer and the music that would accompany it. Do be careful when choosing a brand though because I still wake up years later with that music still going around in my head! :-)

Portable Play Area

This can provide the newborn a secure, contained space to sleep or play while the mum does other chores nearby. 


A nursery needs toys. Soft Toys, Stacking Toys, Push-Pull Toys, and busy boxes with plenty of fascinating features are adorable choices to get a new mum.

Tummy Time

A newborn baby needs tummy time stimulation. A few minutes of tummy time a couple of times a day is recommended so check out this winning practical and stylish Elephant Elphee Tummy Time mirror for Done by Deer.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Our super helpful list of best gifts for new mums!

By choosing a practical and stylish gift you’ll be helping a new mum cope with the beautiful (and stressful) life changing events of motherhood and adding to the style of their nursery!     

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